The purpose of this "Resources" page is to assist those applying for a Texas License to Carry (LTC) by providing them with information and web links in order to make the application process easier.  There are 3 basic steps to apply for the license.  Those steps are: 1) Apply for your LTC on the Texas Department of Public Safety Handgun Licensing Division web page; 2) Schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted at IdenToGo, who will submit the prints to DPS electronically; and 3) completion of an LTC Handgun Licensing Course taught by an instructor approved by the Texas DPS.

          1)  Click here to go to the Texas DPS Handgun Licensing page to begin the

               application process.  Before beginning, make sure you have all information

                requested.  During the application process, you will be prompted to the IdenToGo

                site in order to schedule your fingerprint appointment.  Fingerprints now must be

                taken at an IdenToGo location, and IdenToGo will electronically submit the

                fingerprints to DPS.

          2)  Applicants not utilizing the online application process then need to click here

                to go to the IdenToGo web page to schedule their fingerprint appointment.

               Once at the IdenToGo web page, enter your Zip Code and select TEXAS from the

                drop-down menu and click GO.  On the next screen, select State Fingerprinting. 

                On the following screen, enter the Service Code:  119Q91.  The IdenToGo site

                will direct you through the application process.

          3)  The third and final step is to attend and pass the Texas LTC Handgun licensing

                course from an instructor approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

                LTCGALVESTON provides this course and currently scheduled classes can be

                seen by going to the CLASSES page or clicking here.


To view the publication, "Texas License to Carry a Handgun Laws & Selected Statutes," 

issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety after the 84th Legislature adjourned in

2015, click here.  This will likely be updated after the 85th Legislature adjorns in 2017 to

address any changes to gun laws during the session.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) asked of the Texas Department of Public Safety

regarding the Handgun Licensing Program, click here.